Copper Strips

Copper sheet recommends rolled copper, including hot-rolled and cold-rolled. Copper strip suggests copper products in coils with a thickness of 0.06 to 1.5 mm. Copper strip suggests the copper-rolled products have some spots in the extent of 0.06 and 1.5mm. Copperplate belts can be figured out by various grades, which can be generally divided into brass plate belts, copper plate belts, bronze plate belts, and white copperplate belts.

Given in thicknesses ranging from 0.2mm to 6mm, our copper strips are undoubtedly a fire supply on an ex-stock basis. Copper strip is a malleable product that benefits from high thermal and electrical conductivity. Heat dispersal in copper is better contrasted with other alloys, including aluminum. Copper strips offer high flexibility, along with awe-inspiring corrosion resistance and advantages from a high level of layered security. Copper is, in addition, non-starting and non-engaging. Regularly, the product tracks down wide use in the general gear district.

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Manilaxmi Industrial is the best copper strip manufacturer in India. The copper strips introduced by us are correspondingly exact, rust-affirmation, seamless stained, and heat-safe. These copper strips can be utilized for safeguarding outer development, for example, roofs, flashings, towers, passageways, storm channels, and so on.

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We are generally rumored to be one of the most observable copper strip providers from India. The copper utilized in our copper alloy strips is of premium quality and guarantees high strength, rigidity, and resistance to undermining conditions. Additionally, the gathering similarly solidifies the changed industrial copper strip, satisfying the general quality rules.

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Copper Strips Specification

Dimension Details :- Thickness
1 mm (min)
2 mm (min)
3 mm (min)
5 mm (min)
6 mm -50 mm

10 mm - 50 mm
10 mm - 100 mm
10 mm - 150 mm
10 mm - 200 mm
10 mm - 250 mm
Specifications :- IS: 191, 613 & 1897, BS EN 13601:2002
Conductivity :- Above 97% IACS min in Half Hard
Above 99.95% in annealed
Purity :- Copper - 99.9%
Specifications (OFC) :- Copper: 99.99%, O
2: < 10 ppm
Copper: 99.95%, O
2: < 100 ppm
Supply Condition :- Straight length & coils
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